FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a “Baby Plan”?

Yes!  We like to focus on the most important milestones in your child’s first year.  That would be newborn, sitting up alone but not crawling (6 months), and of course the 1st birthday.

How long does a session take?

It depends on the type of session really.  A newborn session may take up to 3 hours so we like to schedule it so we will not be rushed.  If the child is fussy and just does not want to sleep, we want to have plenty of time and no stress.  A toddler session may only last an hour.  It depends on their mood.  I will shoot as long as they are willing. A family session is about 1-1 1/2 hours.  A senior session is 1-2 hours depending if we do location or studio.

I want maternity portraits.  When should I schedule them?

The best time for your maternity portraits is in the seventh month.

When should I schedule my newborn’s session?

The first 5-10 days is the absolute best time.  They still want to sleep a lot and they are also comfortable being snuggled into baskets and buckets!  We absolutely can still give you precious portraits any time but if you want the snuggled up looks you see on my website, the first 5-10 days is the way to go.  Just so you know,  I totally understand you may be tired and don’t really feel like getting dressed up.  No worries.  This session is all about your child.  We want you to come and prop your feet up and be pampered.  We totally do all of the work!

What should I wear to my session?

Children- color is great!  Just keep in mind where you want to put the portraits in your home and coordinate from there.  Bring several outfits.  Better to have to many than not enough.

Families-  we want everyone to coordinate but also we don’t want you to look like a bowling team :).  Stay away from prints.  Go with complimentary colors.

High School Seniors-  again, color is good.  We want you to be you.  Don’t go out and buy outfits or cut and style your hair to something you wouldn’t normally do.  Your personality should shine through!  Girls bring plenty of accessories.  It is true, scarves, jewelry and shoes make the outfit.   Also in a lot of the shots your hands and feet are showing, so remember your manicures and pedicures!   Guys, don’t cut your hair the day before your session.

Newborns-  nothing!  Unless you have a sentimental outfit you would like to use, I have all of the blankets, wraps, hats, and tutus you will need.  If you would rather not have the natural look, bring diaper covers.

One more thing,

White and prints add pounds!  Enough said.

Do you do a cake smash?

I love a cake smash.  You will need to provide the cake to avoid any allergy conflicts.  I will discuss this in detail with you because each session is different.  You want the cake to match the theme and color of the set.  We want the set to match the child’s interests.  The possibilities are as limited as our imagination.


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